For the Book (II)


Illy says:
omg @ *****
he SEES the notice with dave on it
but he’s like “where’s the code?”
Stevie… says:
maybe he speaks that fluently?
so he can’t see code?
Illy says:
if he can speak in cipher then he’s smarter than all of us
which is quite sad
Stevie… says:
or maybe he can’t speak english?
and everything he types has to be translated from cipher to english by a special programme!
built by a smart person!
didn’t think of that!
Illy says:
my brain didn’t even think of that possibility ;P


End of Part One of Chapter Two


For the Book


Illy says:
*whispers* doooo itttttt
Stevie… says:
hey…you’re not the normal voices in my head
Illy says:
*whispers* no, i’m the new guy here to replace bob. he’s on vacation
Stevie… says:
oooh good
i’ve been telling him to go for a while now…
he has bee working a lot for the past 16 years…
well, better fill you in on how things run around here
that teeny tiny squishy thing, its never used, so ignore it
think bob liked to use it for a punchingbag, so feel free to hit my brain whenever you like
basically, the huge space between the two ears is for you really
though if you’re going to have parties, can you at least get me to bed before you turn me off?
not like that time bob made me fall asleep on the pavement…
though i did get a section in the local newspaper…they couldn’t believe someone could sleep for 12 hours on one foot…
other than that, enjoy yourself
and feel free to tell me to do whatever you want, cause I won’t question it.


Illy says:
Stevie… says:
i just wanna thank my mum
<- lil jerry the cat
urm, bob of course
he was always there for me, except during this vacation
the new guy, whose name i’ve yet to learn, but i’m sure we’ll have good times together
whoever it was I beat, as they could’ve beaten me easily if they knew what they were doing
Illy, for always being there, and for doing this slow sarcastic clap
and finally you guys. Yes you guys.
you know who I’m talking about.
that’s right
the camera men
I don’t think people give you guys enough attention
just thank you
you’re doing a great job
keep at it
well, thanks again
love you all!
Illy says:
haha, “slow sarcastic clap”
have a gold star.

End of Chapter 1




Basically I have become obsessed. By these:

All of them can be found here.

Normally I avoid this kind of stuff, cause although I may want one, in the back of my mind I know it’s a waste of money, in that it doesn’t do anything…but as I’m looking through I decided I MUST have them 😀

Probably going to get one of the first two, but who knows!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it 🙂 Though I think I’ll dedicate this post to Illy, as she seems to live off of these kind of things 😛

Song of the Whenever;

Just really like the song! And thought I’d mix between moderns and classics when I can 🙂

~ Steve

Damn. He ain’t gonna be in Rush Hour 3. ~Rush Hour 2 (Bloopers)

I’m Free!


Lamer than Pekka’s April Fools:

I managed to escape from Pekka’s evil prison!


Fool of a Took. ~LOTR: FOTR



For the sake of pekka’s plot line (i.e. his failure to wrap up his plot), someone accidently dropped a laptop into my prison, which can only allow me to blag, not phone the police or anything like that. No. It only lets me blag…useless piece of junk…

Aaaaaaanywho, I know you are all riveted by now, (by all I mean Illy, and by riveted I mean bored to tears) so on with my life! :O

Something actually happened for once today, so don’t expect all the posts to be as amazing as this;

I got hit by a football (not the silly american kind) in my face 😀 Right in the eye, from about a metre away! 😀

And to answer the standard responeses;

Yes it hurt, yes it was funny, and yes I’m fine. Only problem is, it might have scratched my cornea, but that’s a really big might, and I don’t think it has 🙂

On the upside, it got me out of swimming at school, which I can never be bothered to do, and with any luck I’ll have a nice big fat bruise!

And there you have it! Enjoy!


I, Jackie Moon, will wrestle a bear. ~Semi-Pro

The first of doubtless many installments of ‘Song of the Whenever’

It’s not daily, it’s not weekly, it’s whenever!

Absolute classic song (along with the film), and the opening chords alone got me through an entire chemistry lesson.